Monthly HOA Dues



Gilcrease Hills is quite different from the conventional communities you are used to seeing. The major difference lies in the use of the land. In Gilcrease Hills only 65% of the land is used for homes. The remaining 35%, approximately 200 acres, has been carefully set aside for bicycle paths, pedestrian trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, swimming pools, basketball courts, ponds, open areas, and a clubhouse. These amenities, called "common areas", must be maintained by someone, and that someone is the Gilcrease Hills Homeowners Association.


The Homeowners Association is a non-profit organization, incorporated under the laws of Oklahoma, run by and for the benefit of the property owners of Gilcrease Hills.

The primary purpose of the Association is to assure continuous and efficient control over the maintenance and operation of the common areas and recreational amenities in Gilcrease Hills. The Homeowners Association also serves as a springboard for community, social and cultural activities. Professional personnel, operating under the direction of a Board of Directors and in cooperation with a network of committees staff it.


Every family owning property in Gilcrease Hills is a member. You will enjoy the use of all recreational facilities, social activities and community functions, plus the protection of the covenants.

The Board of Directors is composed of one elected homeowner from each of the Villages. The Board of Directors is responsible for administering all funds of the Association and for the maintenance of the common areas and facilities in Gilcrease Hills.

For each property owned, a family receives one full voting membership in the Association.


Membership in the Association entitles the Homeowner, their family and guests to enjoy full use of the recreational facilities and common areas. Membership also insures Homeowners of a democratic method of operation by giving you a direct vote and voice in the affairs of your particular Village and through that Village's representative, a voice in the administration of the Association.

The Association office is staffed by a full time Manager and Secretary-Bookkeeper. The Clubhouse has a full time Recreation Director and Club Assistant. The Clubhouse is open six days a week. The Maintenance Supervisor has up to a six workers during the spring and summer months, mowing grass, planting, edging, cleaning and painting. Both swimming pools are staffed by Certified Lifeguards. A paid Security Patrol service covers the whole community.


The original developer, Gilcrease Hills Development Corporation, set aside substantial acreage for exclusive use of the homeowners as common area and facilities. The Corporation then deeded all this area to the Homeowners Association, once it was organized, to assure homeowners continued and permanent use and enjoyment of the land, common areas and the recreational facilities. Deed restrictions on the land specify that the common areas and facilities may not be sold or developed for additional housing or commercial use.


The Homeowners Association has been set up in a way which permits you as a the homeowner, to really make your opinions felt. The Board of Directors, with the aid of nine standing committees, completely controls and or contracts for the services the Association requires. The bylaws, convenants and restrictions guarantee members in good standing the following rights:

  • To vote for representatives to the Board of Directors;
  • To stand for a seat on the Board of Directors;
  • To serve on committees on appointment by the Board;
  • To attend regular monthly meetings;
  • To participate in any special meeting;
  • To vote on the amendment of by-laws or covenants.


Like any organization, the Homeowners Association requires money to operate. The operating budget comes from an assessment on each property. When you take the deed to your home, you automatically agree to pay the Association a monthly property assessment. For your budgetary convenience, this assessment is divided into 12 equal monthly payments or you may pay in advance and avoid late charges if paid by March 15.

The rate of assessment is determined by the Board of Directors, based on a formula in the Association by-laws. Basically, the assessments can be increased no more than the past year's increase in the Consumer Price Index. The budget depends entirely on the Associations expenses and reserve fund needs.

*Please note: This assessment is not a voluntary charge. It is a legal obligation. In order to protect you and the other members, delinquencies can be enforced and collected pursuant to Oklahoma Law.


  • 6,000 square foot Private Clubhouse (staffed six days a week)
  • Full time Association office staff
  • Staffed swimming pools at the clubhouse & in Oakwood Village.
  • Lighted tennis courts
  • Lighted outdoor basketball court
  • Two playgrounds
  • Three ponds (fishing is allowed)
  • Three miles of paved and lighted walking paths
  • Two picnic areas
  • Organized activities and community dinners
  • Security patrol service covers whole community